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About Us

AdministratorRater.com is the premier site to rate and read ratings on healthcare administrators. Find ratings written by real colleagues and real employees. If you are looking to hire an administrator or looking to learn more about a possible future employer, this is the place to find the information.
Our site uses an easy-to-interpret 5-star rating system. You can see an administrator's overall rating and, if you want to know more, you can explore their individual reviews. Here, you can see the star ratings and comments submitted for all of the questions that contributed to that overall rating.

Knowledge is power. The information is out there. Use it to your advantage. If you work closely with or under a healthcare administrator, use your knowledge of them and give a rating. Submitting a rating is always free to do. If you think someone is doing a great job, let everyone know!

To ensure valid ratings, our site can NOT accept anonymous reviews. That is not to say that reviewers are visible to the public. That is not the case. Reviewers stay anonymous to the readers as well as those being reviewed. However, we have to obtain some information from reviewers so that we can attempt to ensure there are actual established relationships between the reviewer and the administrator being reviewed. This information will always be kept confidential to the extent allowed by law (see our Terms and Conditions, and Privacy pages), so that reviewers can feel safe in giving honest and sometimes possibly uncomfortable reviews.

We reserve the right to remove inappropriate ratings at any time (please see Terms and Conditions). This site is meant to be a constructive way for administrators to obtain feedback on how they are doing, directly from the people they work with and/or who work under them. Reviewer anonymity is what allows our ratings to have actual meaning. When there is fear of repercussions, rating questionnaires have little validity. That is not the case with AdministratorRater.com!  

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