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1. How long will the site be free? Initially, while we are compiling reviews for administrators across the country, viewing all ratings will be free.  Eventually, once a critical mass of reviews has been obtained, we will be switching to a fee-based service to review the individual question-level ratings and narratives. A notice will be placed on the site prior to the transition to the pay service.

2. What will be the subscription format in the future?  First and foremost, seeing an administrator's overall rating and star level on the public site will always remain free. This way you will always know if an administrator has ratings for your perusal before you purchase a subscription option. For those who want more specific information on an administrator besides just their overall star rating, there will be three different subscription levels available for purchase in the future. For the subscriber who wants to just look up one administrator, you can use the a la cart service to pay as you go for each administrator that you want to view at the survey level. Second, you may purchase a 30-day subscription, which will allow you full access to all ratings for 30 days.  Finally, you can purchase a full-year subscription, which gives access to all ratings for, you guessed it, one full year.

3. What will the subscription prices be?  At this time prices are yet to be determined. A notice will be posted with the proposed pricing prior to the transition to the pay site.

4. How do I reset my password?  Use the Forgot Password link on the login page and follow the instructions if you wish to reset your password.

5. What if I can't find one of my administrators on the site?  We make every attempt to keep our administrator database as up-to-date as possible.  However, administrators tend to move around, as do people in most professions. We review our proprietary database on a regular basis, but if you notice an error in between our updates, please let us know by clicking the following link corrections@AdministratorRater.com , and fill in the requested information and we will investigate and update the information as soon as possible.

6. What if I want to update my previously published rating?  Ratings are locked for 6 months from the date submitted. After that time, if you wish to update your rating, you are free to do so. At that time, you could also request the rating to be completely removed by contacting our customer service at support@AdministratorRater.com  by using the email associated with the account that left the rating.

7. Why don't I see my rating?  Ratings go under random reviews, and if a rating is noticed to be violating our Terms of Service  then it is removed or not published when submitted. If you feel this was done in error, please contact our customer service via the following  support@AdministratorRater.com

8. Are administrators paying to be listed on this site?  There are no paid administrator listings or ratings on our site. Administrators names and positions are maintained and updated in our proprietary database on a routine basis. No administrator can pay to have their rating changed.

9. How do I flag a rating for review?  If you believe a rating violates our Terms of Service  you may contact our customer service here flag@AdministratorRater.com .  Fill out the form, and be sure to reference which rating you wish to be reviewed.  Once reviewed our team will determine if the rating has violated any of our Terms of Service which would qualify the rating to be removed. If no violation exists, then the rating will be allowed to stay.

10. Are there guidelines as to what I can or cannot say in my rating?  First and foremost, this website is intended to be a constructive forum where honest ratings can safely be given without fear of repercussion. That being said, be smart: If you are having second thoughts regarding a post, then you probably should not post it. Be respectful.  But that doesn't mean that you cannot be brutally honest at times. In general, though, please refer to our Terms of Service - Section 3. Content, paragraph 5, subsection (e) which states, and we quote "You agree that you will not contribute any Content that ... (e) makes false, misleading, libelous, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harassing, hateful, offensive or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party."  Just be honest and give a truthful rating and you should be fine.

11. Are all of the ratings submitted, protected from legal repercussions? We will protect reviewers anonymity to the fullest extent of the law. See Terms of Service  and Privacy Policy. However, as an example only, if you submit an intentionally false and libelous rating, and it slips through and gets published, as per our Terms of Service . YOU are responsible for any content in the rating that you submit. If we are compelled by subpoena to turn over the contact information of the reviewer to the appropriate legal authorities, we will do so if our legal team reviews the subpoena and instructs us to comply. Again, bottom line, be smart and act responsibly, and your rating will stand and give readers a true evaluation of the administrator you rated.

12. Why am I receiving emails from AdministratorRater.com?  You may receive emails from time to time if you have signed up for an account or purchased a subscription with our site. During the signup process we have to send you an email to confirm that it is a valid email address.  We try to limit our emails to important issues such as changes to our Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy  or other guidelines, and adjustments to our subscription service in the future. If it is just a marketing email, then you will be able to opt-out of receiving subsequent emails of this sort in the future.

13. Can I opt-out of emails from AdministratorRater.com?  You may only opt-out of marketing emails in the future. Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or other legal emails do not have an opt-out option.

14. Is your administrator list available for purchase?  Our proprietary list consisting of over 7500+ individual hospitals and 380+ hospital systems and their C-suite personnel is available for purchase with some restrictions of use. Please keep in mind that the information is as accurate as possible and subject to change as administrators tend to change positions somewhat frequently. Some information is also incomplete as some facilities do not have a person filling each C-suite position. We do our best to be as up to date as possible. Please contact us at admin@AdministratorRater.com  and one of our team members will get in touch with you regarding pricing and guidelines for allowable usage. The list you purchase ONLY includes the demographic information related to the hospitals and the C-suite personnel (hospital name, address, phone number, C-suite personnel names and positions). IT DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY RATING INFORMATION WHATSOEVER!