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Content Dispute Mechanism

Administrator Rater strives to provide a forum for candid discussion and review where users can add Content to share their experiences in order to educate others. Such Content is personal and a subjective statement by the user posting same. Administrator Rater does not undertake to determine the accuracy and/or credibility of any statements posted on the Platform by users. However, under the Terms and Conditions for use of the Platform, when a user posts to the Platform, that user attests that the information in his/her post is true. Further, posting false, misleading or defamatory information on the Platform is a violation of Administrator Rater’s Terms of Use.

If you feel certain statements have been posted on the Platform may be in violation of the Terms of Use, you may notify us at flag@administratorrater.com by forwarding either a copy of the post at issue or the URL to same and we will review the post. If the post clearly violates the Terms of Use (as determined in our sole discretion) we may take down the post.

We will not, however, conduct any investigation(s) into the truth or falsity of a post, consider any evidence or information offered by you to challenge the post or make any factual decisions or judgments. Our review is limited to whether the post, on its face, violates the express terms of the Terms of Use. Finally, we will not unmask or otherwise provide the identity of the person who posted any such information. We will take whatever steps required to protect the identities of our users.